Be the Deal
Be the Deal: An Unconventional Guide to Negotiating Success in Business and in Life

Be the Deal: An Unconventional Guide to Negotiating Success in Business and in Life

Published by Waterside Productions


Be the Deal is an unconventional guide to negotiating and creating wealth. Author William Gladstone reveals the secrets that allowed him to create one of the most successful and innovative literary agencies in the world, Waterside Productions, Inc. Waterside has generated in excess of five billion dollars in retail sales for book publishers, authors, online instructors, software developers, and film producers. Major Waterside author successes range from Marie Kondo to Eckhart Tolle to Neale Donald Walsch and Peter Norton. Gladstone reveals the story behind the creation of the For Dummies book series, the most successful book series in publishing history, and how with all these successes he always focused on integrity, joy and the fun of closing the deal. 

As the former chairman of the board of an educational software company as well as board member of many other private and public companies, Gladstone shares the stories of complex corporate mergers, the creation of the first print on demand book company, and other highlights of a career that reads like a novel, but never waivers from the true history of an enlightened business leader who Tibetan monks and spiritual teachers have labeled a Bodhisattva masquerading as a business man. 

You will enjoy this book and laugh while learning how you too can always keep the deal at the forefront while still honoring yourself and those with whom you hope to Be the Deal.

180 pages | $15.95 USD | 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches | 978-1943625369 | October 24, 2019